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Movies And Shows Based On Women’s Rights

Movies and Shows Based on Women’s Rights

As women in this generation who are constantly disrespected and discriminated against, my favorite kind of movies and shows are psychological thriller movies and shows, but about women and their struggles, every single day of their life. These female movie directors direct and write the most compelling stories about women’s lives and roles in the house, the jobs, the gender discrimination etc..

  1. Sofia Coppola – An amazing American film director and screenwriter

The movies she directed about women were about historical women, young sad girls, misunderstood women etc…! The movie titles:

“Priscilla”- 2023, “Lost in Translation”- 2003, “Marie Antoinette”- 2006, “The Virgin Suicides”- 1999, “The Beguiled”- 2017.

  1. Greta Gerwig – Also an excellent American writer and director, known for writing the most beautiful, the emotional realities of women and the world we actually live in, and how scary it can be.

Mostly known for the movie “Barbie”- 2023. Barbie explores the gendered social phenomenon of women being expected to give up childhood joys and sacrifice for others. The film shows that women don’t have to surrender their imagination and can find empowerment and joy in childhood toys.

Also known for the movies: “Little Women”- 2019, “Lady Bird”- 2017, “Frances Ha”- 2012.

  1. Jane Campion – A New Zealand filmmaker! She’s best known for writing and directing critically suffering women in this world.

“The Piano”- 1993, “An Angel at My Table”- 1990.

–    Some TV Shows on Feminism and Women’s rights:

  1. “The Queen’s Gambit”, 2020 – Directed by Scott Frank
  2. “Grace and Frankie”, 2015 – Directed by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris
  3. “Killing Eve”, 2018 – Directed by Lisa Bruhlmann
  4. “Orange Is The New Black”, 2013 – Directed by Jenji Kohan

March 8th is a really special holiday for us women and considering how much we fought and still continue to this day to fight for rights, these movies and shows are a blessing and a reality check to remind everyone that we should be respected every day, not just one.

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