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Is Graffiti Legal?

Is Graffiti Legal?

Some teenagers might enjoy on how graffiti looks, I personally think it’s a creative way of expressing a form of art, and you can give messages through it, it’s very beautiful and colorful, according to the drawing part it’s not an easy thing to do, especially since its done on walls, and you have to be skilled to master the sharp and correct lines. But it doesn’t mean that the only thing you can draw is letters you can also draw characters, and there are also different types of graffiti styles known as: Wildstyle, Stencil, Poster or Paste Up ext.

As for the first modern graffiti writer its considered to be Cornbread his real name is Darryl McCray.

Now comes the real question is graffiti legal?

Well as long as you draw on a wall that you have permission to draw on then its legal!

However, there are also rules such as:

Never paint over a dead artists work.

Don’t write on cars.

Don’t write on walls you shouldn’t write since that’s illegal.

And many more!

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