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Handwriting: A Window To Your Personality

Handwriting: A Window to Your Personality

We’ve tried it all. Zodiac signs, tarot card readings, and questionable online quizzes. Anything to find out more about the personality and the hidden side of us and those around us. However, I guarantee you haven’t thought to look for these answers in the seemingly insignificant world of handwriting. Here is what a handwriting analyst would look for in your handwriting.

How do you slant your writing?

Experts believe that the slant of someone’s handwriting can reveal how much of themselves they share with the world. They found that people whose writing is more slanted are more fluent and expressive with their emotions. When writing letters, this means that the writer wants to reach out and writes sincerely. This is probably why most love letters have very slanted handwriting.

On the other hand, people who write with vertical handwriting are often more closed off and have their walls up. They usually have a hard time showing emotions.

How big is your handwriting?

The size of a person’s handwriting has a lot to do with their mindset and emotional state. This has to do with how much space they think they deserve to occupy. People with bigger handwriting are usually described as the life and soul of the party. But, they can be self-centered at times.

Meanwhile, smaller handwriting shows concentration and focus ability. People with this handwriting prefer one-on-one convos over large crowds.

How much do you space your words?

Experts say that a person who spaces their words a lot enjoys freedom and personal space, whereas someone who writes words closely together usually enjoys the company of others. However, if your words are very jammed together, that might signify that you are intrusive and have a tendency to crowd people.

How much pressure do you apply when writing?

Pressure can often signify tension and anger, while light pressure usually shows sensitivity and compassion. However, people with very light handwriting tend to lack energy and motivation.  Moderate pressure usually indicates commitment and loyalty.

Are your letters round or pointy?

How much someone rounds their letters can also say a lot about them. People who write very round letters are often creative and artistic. However, sharper angles and straight lines signify thoughtfulness and intelligence. On the other hand, it can mean concealed anger and aggression.

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