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Teen Fashion Bully

Teen Fashion Bully

Teenagers are extremely conscious about how they look and often obsess over details that adults disregard as important. Teenagers are probably the most fashion-conscious humans on earth. To them, fashion is incredibly important because it’s a way of showing the world who they are or who they want to be. Different teenagers have different personalities and for this reason, there exist clothes in different styles, sizes, colors, and fabrics.  Teenagers express themselves through clothes and hairstyles. What a teenager chooses to wear is a way of individuating themselves and demonstrating how they want the world to see them. The young generation tends to imitate anything they see others wear as long as it looks “hip” or “in style”. Teenagers are quick to follow fashion trends for them to fit in.

Teen fashion is a big part of the fashion world today. Every day designers come up with new designs for their clothes and also shops change their clothes every week and bring more and more clothes and accessories for kids and teens to buy.

Research has shown that the choice of dressing for teenagers varies with the majority dressing in a particular way to stave off mocking and humiliation from their friends. They tend to wear brand and designer clothes while in reality, they cannot afford to buy them. This is one of the most popular things of why children get bullied at school.

The kids that don’t have the name-brand clothes get made fun of, called names, and teased a lot. This is not fair since most of them don’t have any control or choice but who wear the clothes that are bought for them or in most cases, they have to wear what their parents can afford for them.  

Teens use fashion to maintain friendships and boost their self-regard.

There are times when there is a popular person at school and everyone wants to be his/her friend. And then, because of this, children start to change. They wear outfits that everyone wears even if it is fake, not following their dreams anymore, forgetting about their real friends who always had their back and supported them.

Some of them need money to buy clothes even if they are fake, so they start doing bad things to get money such as selling their jewelry, stealing money, and do whatever it takes to get all the attention that comes with dressing. But this shouldn’t be the case. You need to fight and stay strong through the tough times and just be grateful for what you have!

Just because other teens have the latest brand and you don’t, doesn’t mean that you aren’t unique.

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