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Pictures Over Words?!

Pictures over words?!

Why does our youth continuously choose phones over books? Do people still read? And what does that minority even like to read?

As we all know, today, technology is way more popular, especially when it comes to the youth. However, just like with everything else, I believe there is a reason behind it.

One reason, is that sometimes it’s just easier to go on your phone than to grab a book. It doesn’t take that much effort and you always have your phone close to you.

Another reason, which I believe to be very impactful, is, in fact, our school. We’re so fed up with school work, all we do is look at books for more than 10 hours a day, which sometimes includes the weekends too.

People often don’t even have the habit of picking up a book. They mostly find them boring because they don’t get straight to the point, and many young people don’t have a big attention span.

Despite all of the above, there are many people who still find books entertaining, and even magical, which is totally understandable. The pictures and images that we create in our head are unique, the way we imagine what each place would look like, and also the fact that there are no limits, nor judgement in creating those pictures.

When it comes to book genres, the most popular among teenagers are fantasy, crime, romance.

However, I know a lot of teenagers, who don’t like reading books, but still like reading stories. How’s that possible, you might ask. One word: Wattpad.

Wattpad is a great place where you can find stories about any and everything you could imagine. There’s every single genre. You can even find stories about you favorite celebrities/influencers. I recommend you check it out. It is great fun!

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