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Tech Fact Of The Day

Tech Fact of the Day


Did you know that the QWERTY keyboard was invented to slow down the writers?

The writers would type really fast and jam the old and rusty typewriters. The layout comes from a Latin script alphabet,  and the name comes from the top left order of the key-binds that spell QWERTY.

History of typewriters

The layout was created by a newspaper editor called Christopher Latham Sholes. His idea was to slow down the typers and make it hard for them. But some of the people now learned the QWERTY alphabet and now are typing faster than they are talking.

Christopher Latham Sholes – American Inventor

Christopher Latham Sholes – American Inventor

They started using new layouts for alphabets such as DVORAK and KOLEMAK. There are a lot of others but they are not that popular. A lot of studies show that the DVORAK layout is better than QWERTY and KOLEMAK.


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