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Marko, The Next Leonardo DiCaprio

Marko, the Next Leonardo DiCaprio

Pegasus Student Voice is an online magazine in English that aims to provide meaningful context for young learners of English, to encourage them to be involved in journalism as a way of learning English, while expressing ourselves and raising awareness about certain topics.

We have a lot of members in our magazine, from 12-16 years old. One of them is Marko.

Marko is 16 years old. He is in his second year at the Medical High School. He likes acting, exercise and building 3D puzzles.

Marko has been a member of Pegasus Student Voice since its very beginning. Marko’s motivation to join Pegasus student voice was the idea of combining English and journalism and also it could be a fun after school activity.

He has covered the topics of Pegasus School News twice, Shows and Movies, Youth Health Corner, Young Art Lovers and such. But when I asked him which was his favorite article, he said: “My favorite has got to be the one about Young Art Lovers named The Show Must Go On”.

His hobbies have a big impact in choosing and writing about his articles. Many of them mention the plays and movies he has been in.

From his perspective the advantages of being a young journalist is the fact that we get to express ourselves and the opinion on various topics of our interest.

Marko has participated in theater projects, movies and global projects such as “Link Online Learners” and “Hundred”.

When I asked him what his plans are for the future he said: “Currently, I am on the path of becoming a doctor, but I have to say that the idea of making my acting career greater is even better.

To the question “What is your best experience and skill you have achieved as a part of Pegasus Student Voice”, he said: “I got to meet a lot of new people and got to freely express myself’’.

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