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The Social Media Trends Of Tik Tok

The Social Media Trends of Tik Tok

Tik Tok was published in 2017 for IOS and Android and It’s owned by ByteDance. It hosts a variety of stuff like dances, pranks, jokes and entertainment. The videos length is about from fifteen seconds to 3 minutes. Tik Tok is ranked third fastest growing brand of 2020 only behind Zoom and Peacock.

From trends of guys singing to a girl that is screaming to people riding bears in the freezeing countries like Russia. Tik Tok has a lot of trends, here are some of them:

  • Guys asking people where certain countries on the map are
  • People roasting each other on apps like Omegle
  • A guy testing food and remaking that food from scratch by himself
  • Doing storytimes while making satisfying sounds
  • Catch phrases like “wenametchainasama” a reference to the music audio “Summer”
  • A girl dancing underwater and a lot more

Tik Tok is a place that can be useful for certain things but also bad for you because you can get addicted to watching and scrolling for hour upon hours of your free time.

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