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Pros And Cons Of Gaming

Pros and Cons of Gaming

Everybody loves to do something in their free time, and for the majority of people, that pastime is playing video games. But, take my word for it when I say that this particular hobby can give you mixed emotions.

On one side, you’re doing something that you enjoy, you’re killing some time, playing and joking with friends, but on the other side, when you lose at the game you’re playing, you can get pretty angry, especially if it’s happening consistently.

But that’s just only the tip of the iceberg of gaming, so let’s explore the rest.


First, let’s talk about the cons:

-As all our parents say, being on your PC all day isn’t good for you, as the constant light can strain your eyes.;

-When you lose a couple of rounds in a row, you can get angry at the game, which is the main con of gaming. Some people that have worse anger issues can even take their rage out on their expensive electronics;

-Even if people say they only game during their free time, they’ve most certainly procrastinated when they were supposed to be working. Wasted time can mean overdue assignments, being late to school/work, and so on;

-Good PCs are pretty expensive so you can’t play some really fun games if you don’t have the requirements.

Now let’s mention the pros:

-Gaming can give you a sense of accomplishment, and rewards you for hard work;

-When you’re bored, games can give you something to do;

-You can play multiplayer games with your friends and have fun;

-There’s a variety of different game genres, and you can explore them until you find one that suits you.


The good sides of playing video games outweigh the bad ones, which is why gaming is one of the most popular hobbies in the modern world.

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