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Why School Is So Unenjoyable

Why School Is So Unenjoyable

School is meant to be a place to educate yourself, to make friends and to learn something new. But it’s very lacking in the actual education department, and the reason for that is the lack of enthusiasm from teachers.

When a teacher is very unenthusiastic about their job, they put very little effort into actually teaching it, and so if the person teaching the very subject isn’t interested the students won’t be either. Most of the time these kinds of teachers will give a quiz and just tell the kids to read the lectures on their own and they get paid for doing it.

These kinds of teachers are only in it for a paycheck and have little care for what the future generations are taught, so long as they get paid, they couldn’t care less.

The way to fix this would be to have stricter rules for teachers, and maybe even a test to see tolerance around kids, work ethic and fairness.

There are many more problems with the way the education system works but to me bad teachers are the worst problem of them all, because they will kill off any interest in a child to actually learn because it isn’t interesting.

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