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America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent

We all love when we sit down after a rough day, you get some popcorn and start watching a show or a movie. I love spending time with friends and family watching a movie at the cinema or even at home.

Movies are recordings of moving images which tell stories that people can watch on a television or screen.

Tv shows are content produced for people to watch on a television which can be broadcast via satellite, cable, over the air, not including advertisements, breaking news or trailers that are typically placed between shows.


If you’re looking to get your kids excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), the best way is to show them the ways that popular media uses these concepts in movies. Used as part of a lesson, clips from movies can reinforce topics, spark discussion, and promote new perspectives.


If you are wondering what to watch, here’s my suggestion for a TV show night with your family or friends:

America’s got Talent

America’s Got Talent (abbreviated AGT) is an American reality television series on the NBC television network. It is a talent show that features singers, dancers, magicians, comedians, and other performers of all ages competing for the advertised top prize of US$1 million.

All participants are given a chance to show their talents to a panel of judges who decide whether their talents deserve further support. The shows are often very emotional and spectacular.

The concept of America’s Got Talent was devised by X Factor creator and Sony Music executive, Simon Cowell, who sought to create a talent competition far grander than those of other televised talent contests. It was created in 2006.

The first season of American talent show competition series America’s Got Talent was broadcast on NBC from June 21 to August 17, 2006.

Surprising things you probably didn’t know about ‘America’s Got Talent’

  • None of the current judges are originally from America.
  • One of the most popular winning talents is ventriloquism.
  • The judges haven’t always had a Golden Buzzer.
  • There are “Got Talent” shows across the globe. According to there are over 70 “Got Talent” varieties across the globe, including “Britain’s Got Talent,” “Asia’s Got Talent,” and “Australia’s Got Talent.”

Enjoy your TV show night!


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